Corners and their Importance in Vastu Shastra.


Corners play a major role in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu shastra,the effects of corners of a house are majorly on the house members because a corner is made up of two sides. Hence corners of the house should be built with extra care.

Extensions in Corners of Plot and their Affects

When a person buys a large piece of a land, he may come across some shapes which may not be a square or rectangle but be in the shape of a quadrilateral or some other irregular shapes. Such plots have different effects on natives/occupants:

East extension: The East direction brings good name and fame, popularity, but it is not considered well for financial progress.It is good for politicians, fine arts and drama activities. If north east is extended it brings Good health, name, fame and prosperity.

East South East Extension: This direction has more Female Issues. Male issues, if any, will not be there.This direction gives mean mentality to the environment and causes Quarrel and general turmoil in the family.It also causes Illness and serious health problems to males.

South East South Extension:This direction causes loss of fame, mental unrest and Problems in Earning.

West North Extension:This direction ensures name, fame, prosperity, and good health. Women will be more active.

Different Types of Extension of Corners.

North West North Extension: Name and fame of the household will suffer. Male members will have bad habits.

West South West Extension: Male members will be arrogant and have bad habits.They will suffer professionally and have wasteful expenditures.They will also have a disturbed piece of mind.

South West South Extension: Woman of the house will be in distress, and unsound mind. Male members will be cruel, lazy and mentally upset. Illness to female and women will always be grieving.


Angle of Corners of a Plot

  • If all the four angles are 90 degrees it is good.
  • South West angle should be close to 90 degrees or less but never more.
  • North West angle should be close to 90 degrees or more but never less.
  • North East angle should be close to 90 degrees or less but never more.
  • The distance between North East Corner and South West corner should always be more than the distance from North West corner to South East corner.

To find out angles at site the easiest method is 3,4,5 method Measure a distance of 3 M along XY. Along another side Measure a distance of 4M adjacent to XY say YZ. If distance XZ is 5M than angle XYZ is 90 degrees if it is less than 5M, angle is less.

Rounding Off Corners or Cutting Corners

A plot which is immediately adjacent to a circular road has their corners cut or rounded off. Similarly on the intersection of a street lane and the the main roads, the plots corners are cut to broaden the view of outgoing/incoming traffic.

Rounding of Corners.

These cuts are man-made and they do have much effects on the occupants.

South East corners: Such plots fall under the extension of North East. SE corner should not be cut intentionally. The extension of NE should not be more than 20% otherwise the ill effects to female members will be predominant. Financial stability of the occupants will also get affected.

South West corners: Such cutting or rounding off will lead to ill health in females, mental depressions, financial instability and lowering of name and fame.

North West corners: Such a plot falls under the extension of North East. However, they will cause disturbed mind and mood.

North East corners: Such cutting or rounding off NE leads to financial instability and ill health to male members. One of the male member may have to undergo a major surgery as well.

Open Spaces: As far as possible more spaces should be left in North, North East,and East direction, as compared to other directions. If there are the less open spaces in South, South West and West,they will increase the positive results of the North, North East and East direction.

Retraction of Corners

At times when a property is divided between family members or part of it is sold out, the plot’s, shapes becomes irregular and leads to different types of impacts and effects the occupants a lot. Some impacts are benefic and other malefic.

Retraction of Corners.

Let us see cutting of which corner gives what results.

If North east Corners are cut: The North East lord is Jupiter, which is always a

benefic and a planet for expansion, wisdom, success, health, and learning. When the North East corner is cut the effects of lord Jupiter get reduced and will cause loss of wealth , Health problem and mental unrest to male members, diseases of digestive organs lack of sleep etc. Career prospects of the occupants also suffers.


If South East Corners are cut: 


The south-east Lord is Venus and this corner is of air element. Venus is the planet of beauty, semen, marriage and sexual adventures. When the South East corner is cut, it reduces the quality of Venus Planet, however, it increases the blessing of Jupiter as North East get extended.

If South West Corners are cut:The south-west Lord is Rahu. Rahu is the planet for sudden happenings, disinclination, sleep and bed rooms, bones and incurable diseases. Its ill effect is that woman will have health problems, mental worries and unhappiness

If North West Corners are cut: The north-west Lord is Moon. Moon is also the lord for mind. Moon represents female members, happiness mind,mental capabilities, sense of humor, freshness and fragrance. When the North West corner is cut all the good qualities of Moon will suffer. 

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